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Ongoing Project

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It was way back in 1997, that the Msida Local Council started planning on building a Civic Centre, today found at Pjazza Menqa, Msida. Through this Centre, the Council aimed to be able to better deliver all its services, whilst having the physical capacity to deliver services effictiently as in the private sector. Following years of planning and negotiations, it was in February 2007, that the construction of the Centre started, with it’s official opening being on the 3rd of February 2008.

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The aim of the building is to serve the Msida locality with all the community services it requires. Presently, the ground floor hosts the Local Council, whilst at first floor level an education centre is being set up, which already includes a fully functioning IT centre, and a library which shall be launched later this year.

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Discussions are currently ongoing with various government departments, so that the Civic Centre may be in a position to offer other social services, such as, a day care centre for the elderly, social services offices, environmental health offices and a clinic. These are of course subject to various discussions, possible arrangements and the availability of funds.

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The building today serves as an example to all other governmental offices. Apart from being set up with the most modern energy saving lighting, the building is also fully accessible for disabled persons. In this regard, the Centre’s front entrance is accessible through a ramp, whilst the secondary entrance is accessible also through a wheelchair platform. Apart from this, all other floors are accessible through a lift which is fully compliant with the relevant international requirements for disabled persons’ needs.